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Steyr - front cameras for increased security

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If any of you work with a tractor equipped with front linkage, it surely happened to him having a machine hung on the front three-wheeler to go on the road to the so-called. “Feel”.


This is not the safest solution, so engineers from the STEYR brand have constructed a traffic monitoring system named by them Q-KMS. It consists of two cameras placed on special holders on the left and right side of the tractor bonnet. The cameras have a 70 degree viewing angle and are connected to the controller. The image from the cameras is displayed on a monitor located in a convenient place for the operator.

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The monitor displays the image from two cameras at the same time, which allows better monitoring of what is happening on the road, and is invisible to the operator. To the controller, if necessary, you can connect additional cameras, so that we can monitor, for example, the machine suspended behind the tractor. Cameras are equipped with a heating system, so they are not afraid of snow, frost or rain.

The STEYR Q-KMS system is offered as factory equipment. It can work with tractors equipped with a front loader and has been certified by TÜV so that it can be used for work related to winter and summer road maintenance. The entire system can be operated by the operator from the Multicontroller armrest

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